Grand Tetons

Here are some images I played around with from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. These are ones I passed over in earlier posts, but which caught my eye as I was looking through the collection again. Instead of full-on shots, they are just little peeks of one of the great mountains. In some ways I most enjoyed the peeks as I was hiking or walking, being surprised repeatedly that these massive monuments of nature are standing sentry over the landscape at all times.


Have a great week.

Moving toward the new year

After a bit of a hiatus, I am back writing again with new goals. And I managed to take a photo today. Our neighbor’s redwood is a frequent subject. I love it.


In addition to writing, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do next with photography, and I think I know what that is. I want to start taking trips to parks in California and the western region, state and national. I think this will be great during the winter. We are starting to get snow in the mountains, which is wonderful. I also want to find one place nearby that I like and work on taking just the right shot there by going there often.

The thing that I seem to shoot a lot is the Campbell water tower. Maybe I’ll figure out something new with the tower. I’d like to get it with people walking there. I think the really tall ones would look nice with someone walking near the base. I’ll have to get my husband to go with me.

I’m interested in getting a tree-lined lane. I have seen some amazing photos of tree-lined lanes especially after rain. I have to find one though!

With writing I’m working on two new books. One is my main goal, a romantic suspense, but I let myself work on the other one, a romance science fiction, when I’m in the mood. This is a really different way to work for me but so far it’s working really well. I don’t seem to have any trouble switching between them. I get ideas for each of them and then I jot them down. Or if I feel like hanging out with one set of characters, I work on writing in that book. We’ll see if I can keep it up. I don’t have a time goal for the s.f. so that should help.

After a long limbo/lull, it’s nice to be excited about writing and photography again.

I hope you are having a nice season so far. I’d love to hear from you, so please say hello!

Clouds make beautiful sunsets

We are working on the front of the house so that’s where I am when sunset (which happens so early these days!). Well I can never resist dropping what I’m doing and getting the camera when the colors come out.

We picked our first persimmon yesterday. This is a new tree. It was finally ripe. I can’t wait to try it this morning cut up in cereal.


And a pretty tree, have to have one of those.


Have a great weekend.

Fall colors for NaNo

NaNo — you may have heard it, but what does it mean? Well, it stands for National Novel Writing Month, but it’s actually international, so perhaps it should be called InNo. Well, NaNo is how it started and will remain.

NaNo is a huge excuse to write a crazy number of words in a month, fifty thousand to be exact. It’s an excuse to ignore the housekeeping, survive on leftovers and take-out, drink too much coffee, get out of bed when it’s still dark, and write, write, write.

There are so many writers participating, like Sheri Kennedy, which makes it fun. I was up at 6 today to join friends on Twitter for two 50-minute sprints. That’s early for me, and it’s good for me!

I am working on the sequel to the novella I submitted. Sadly, it wasn’t a fit for the anthology, but that’s okay. It’s an international romantic spy thriller, and getting that novella done and turned in inspired me to do a series. I plan to write the sequel then go back and turn the first one into a novel. Onward!

To inspire us for the week ahead, here are some fresh new Autumn photos from Nevada:



Mount Rose

Fall colors

We arrived in the mountains just in time to snap a few photos of autumn colors.


I’ve signed on for a higher level of volunteer work for my Romance Writer’s of America chapter. I’ll be turning over one or two other duties to take on a board position. I think it’s healthy in volunteer organizations to have some turnover of duties. I was doing the website maintenance and it looks like another member is willing to take that on. It will be interesting to see what she does with it. Also to see if my procedures make sense. I’ll find that out soon enough. Nothing like having someone use your procedures to find out what’s unclear.


Visiting up here in the mountains is special to me because I grew up here. I have very strong connections to place. It’s almost physical. Occasionally I’ll travel somewhere and feel I need to go back, but my strongest bonds are to the Sierra mountains around Lake Tahoe. I have friends I grew up with who feel the same — and they live here full time. It’s nice to see them  and reminisce.


As for “work,” I’m making progress on the planning stages of the sequel to the novella that is on submission. I’ve decided to plan for one complete book rather than a trilogy as I thought. There will be an opening for further books should the first two prove popular.


I’m planning to finish the planning…LOL…in October so I can write a fast draft of the novel during National Novel Writing Month (NaNo). Are you doing NaNo? If so, find me as a buddy if you like.


What do you look forward to doing, enjoying or accomplishing this week?

No matter what you are planning to do, I hope you have a good week with good health.