Delight? Yes! Dalat, Vietnam

A moment out of time, a French legacy, The Dalat Palace:

Dalat Palace Vietnam 029

When you first arrive, after a long day of travel, you are seated here and served champagne:

Dalat Palace Vietnam 023 Dalat Palace Vietnam 024

Dalat Palace Vietnam 017

Dalat Palace Vietnam 019

before being given the (giant) key to your room:

Dalat Palace Vietnam 016  VietnamCambodia 263

VietnamCambodia 266

At the breakfast buffet, you can build your own Pho (

Dalat Palace Bfast 021

Or build a delicate omelet on a baguette:

Dalat Palace Bfast 020

From your balcony, the grounds and lake beckon:

Dalat Palace Vietnam 012

And so you take the stairs to enjoy a cool and unique day in Dalat:Dalat Palace Vietnam 028


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