Lara Croft: Tomb Raider… Ta Prohm, Cambodia

Re-watching Lara Croft recalls experience of Ta Prohm:

VietnamCambodia 083 VietnamCambodia 084

No magical children or butterflies, just tourists:

VietnamCambodia 086

VietnamCambodia 114

VietnamCambodia 115

VietnamCambodia 114

But stillness in a stone clearing in the heart of the jungle:

VietnamCambodia 116

Gentle jungle sounds and scents:

VietnamCambodia 085

Thank you, tourist, you’re so nice to duck, you are left in the picture to show courtesy:

VietnamCambodia 099

Glorious ruins:

VietnamCambodia 095

Modern scaffold suspends collapse:

VietnamCambodia 120

Root frames:

VietnamCambodia 102 VietnamCambodia 100 VietnamCambodia 101

Temple for lunch:

VietnamCambodia 088 VietnamCambodia 112 VietnamCambodia 113

Spiritual carvings:

VietnamCambodia 117 VietnamCambodia 109 VietnamCambodia 111


VietnamCambodia 097 VietnamCambodia 092 VietnamCambodia 093

The sky:

VietnamCambodia 108


7 thoughts on “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider… Ta Prohm, Cambodia

  1. Nia Simone Post author

    Hi John,

    Nicely said. Thank you! Indeed, that scene in Lara Croft captures some of it, though enhanced. The real experience is just as magical, though quieter.




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