7 (literary) reasons to love Manhattan (Brooklyn Heights)

After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, veer right and climb slightly to Brooklyn Heights. On Henry Street, find a terrific address:

Love Lane

Make your way to the former home of Thomas Wolfe, 40 Verandah Place:

Thomas Wolf

Continue on to 31 Grace Court to see where Arthur Miller lived while he penned Death of a Salesman:

Arthur Millers House 31 Grace Court

Around the corner, observe the former boarding house (20 Remsen Street) where Norman Mailer finished The Naked and the the Dead:

Arthur Millers House Remsen

Though living in a boarding house, Miller must have been inspired when he stepped outside and saw the waterfront:

Brooklyn Heights Promenade seen from Mailers house

It’s strangely satisfying to search out the residences of literary greats, take a picture and think about the authors living and writing there.

Return to Manhattan on the ferry:

Ferry Nia on ferry


2 thoughts on “7 (literary) reasons to love Manhattan (Brooklyn Heights)

  1. Denise Barker

    This reminds me that all places are exotic, just maybe to someone else. Like your Lima pics contained locals with cell phones to their ears, maybe oblivious to the beauty of their own hometown. Makes me want to take another look at the Dallas Metroplex with “visitor’s eyes.”




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