Progress report, New Rules of Lifting for Women, Lou Schuler

6/28/13 update to readers: I had an injury to my forearm, not long after this. Not from the program though! From lifting a heavy dumbbell out of an awkward position in the garage. I am now a member of the YMCA! Much safer… the equipment is all laid out neatly so you can square yourself before lifting it out of the rack. Also, the barbell rack makes a huge difference for safely getting the barbell onto your back  once the weights start getting big for things like squats and step-ups. I rested a few weeks and then started over with Stage 1. There is no rush. Life is long.

Starting Stage 3:

Barbell bent-over row

Barbell bent-over row

Dumbbell single-arm overhead squat close u

Dumbbell single-arm overhead squat

These are too heavy

These are too heavy

Dumbbell incline bench press

Dumbbell incline bench press

Plank 1


Plank 2

Plank, continued. Will this ever end?

Link to first two book reviews:

Lou Schuler, New Rules of Lifting for Women and
5 Reasons I Love Men: Book Review of The New Rules of Lifting for Women, by Lou Schuler


4 thoughts on “Progress report, New Rules of Lifting for Women, Lou Schuler

  1. emilysteezy

    I love this book! I’ve read probably hundreds of fitness books, and this was the one that got me to finally take strength training seriously. I actually like the one that is “for men” (the original “New Rules For Lifting”) even better. When you are ready for a new program I highly recommend it.

    And with respect to results… the more I’ve put a priority on lifting and less on cardio the less I’ve weighed. Go figure.


    1. Nia Simone Post author

      Emily, thank you so much! That is an interesting result! I appreciate hearing about the men’s one because I’ve been worrying what I’m going to do when I finish this program so now I know!



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