Paris impressions V, Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III

Pont Alexandre III with Eiffel and no litter blurred foreground

Llitter in foreground eliminated with GIMP

Pont Alexandre III bride

Pont Alexandre III 6 no enhance

No enhancements

Pont Alexandre III 5 color and white

GIMP White  balance and color enhance

Pont Alexandre III 2



4 thoughts on “Paris impressions V, Pont Alexandre III

  1. Leanne Cole

    Some great image Nia, very hard to type, I have a cat making himself very much at home on top of me. I really like the one with the couple, I am assuming it is a bride and a groom.


    1. Nia Simone Post author

      Hi Leanne,

      Yes, there was a bridal party photography shoot happening. It sure added to the romance!

      Your cat is so adorable. I sent the link of the post you did on him to my cat-loving friends. They loved them and commented that you really captured his personality. And I know from her that cats have a way of being right on top of you when you dare to ignore them by working on the computer!

      Thank you for your comment and encouragement!




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