Food! Simple and sophisticated, Paris and Amsterdam

Bread Netherlands where I bought it

Where I bought bread in the Netherlands (street market)

Where you can buy wonderful bread:, and this bread in particular: Nuts Raisins Parade bread.

From the Dutch markets: Nut dark chocolate bark, craisin white chocolate bark, salty licorice (zoute drop), and Nuts Raisins Parade bread:

Nut and fruit chocolate bark, salty licorice (drope) and bread
Bread with shaved cheese

Bread with shaved cheese (sorry, a couple bites are missing from the bread)

Appetizers ready to go out to the deck

Appetizers ready to go out to the Amsterdam houseboat deck

An Indonesian and Tibetan restaurant in Amsterdam, Tashi Deleg, Reviews, Location:


Rijstaffel (“pronounced rice stoffel”), an Indonesian dish, Amsterdam. These mini delicacies are just accompaniment to the main dish.

A little chicken roll

A little chicken roll, Tibetan

Appetizer sauces

Appetizers and sauces

Cheese shop 2

Cheese shop, Amsterdam

Cheese shop

Na Siam, Amsterdam:
Thai restaurant in Amsterdam

Na Siam Thai restaurant in Amsterdam, on Kerkstraat

Thai food

Thai food, spicy beef (on the right) and chicken pad thai (left)

Nia's toast May 9 2013

At the restaurant in the Opera Garnier, Paris

Grey Goose is the house vodka!


Can life get any better?

Green pea soup cold with cream and goat cheese on toast

Green pea soup (cold) with cream. Sounds odd, but is really, really good. Goat cheese on toast. Sounds good, and it is. Very. That’s a basil leaf on top.


Tomato jam mozzarella bonito and basil sorbet

Tomato jam, mozzarella, bonito and basil sorbet. Unbelievably good.

Butter at opera

Oh, the French and their butter. Yes, this was excellent.


Rolls: fresh, sour, warm enough to melt the butter, delicious.

Deep fried Celeriac

Deep fried celeriac, a side dish to the flank steak

Flank steak

Flank steak on celeriac puree, as tender as filet mignon



Dessert menu

We had the souffle. OMG, that’s all I can say.

Maison Robert, near L’Avenue des Champs Elysees:


Crepe de Frites Maison Robert

Crepe des Fruites Maison Robert, delicious, but… this crepe and 2 cups of tea, $40 American? Mais non!!

A waffle from a stand in Keukenhoff Gardens (delicious!)

A waffle at Keukenhof Gardens

A simple meal on the deck of 38 L’Avenue de la Bourdenais:

French butter, doux (sweet)

French butter, doux (sweet)



First, apply the butter

First, apply the butter.

Then the Brie

Then apply the brie.

Self portrait

All that and a bottle of wine… less than $10. Hint: when in France, buy bread, butter, cheese and wine. They all must be subsidized or something! Then dine at your hotel or apartment.


5 thoughts on “Food! Simple and sophisticated, Paris and Amsterdam

    1. Nia Simone Post author

      You’re going to need some fresh bread but if you can’t get that easily, then some crackers.

      I LOVE blue cheese!

      A glass of red wine or a martini will go…



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