Rainbow lorikeets


4 thoughts on “Birds of Sydney 4, rainbow lorikeets

  1. KidazzleInk

    Cheeky little chaps are these! We used to have a couple that perched themselves on our Deck each morning early after leaving their roost. This went on for some 18 months and as they requested to be fed each morning before going off to explore their day. Then we went away for a few weeks and they sadly never came back. I rather miss them.


      1. KidazzleInk

        I think the stories probably relate to their squawky nature and the fact that they will bite if someone tries to catch or touch them. Such wonderful colours though.


      2. Nia Simone Post author

        Actually, one of them picked the feathers off a competitor. Birds will be birds! 😉 They are totally gorgeous, though, I agree.

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