Being an occasionarian

We were eating veg 2 days a week. Now we are eating veg 5 days a week. Our son informed us there’s a word for that: “Occasionarian!”

Guess what’s really good? Carrot pizza!

Assembling half and half pizza (the carrot side is vegan, the tomato side is vegetarian):


Putting on the herbs, sauteed garlic slices on the vegan side, garlic powder and Italian herbs on the plain veg side

Ready for the oven

Ready for the oven

Ready for the oven

Fresh from the oven

Ready to munch

Ready to munch

This recipe was incredible. It’s from the Moosewood cookbook. Their recipes have a lot of prep but are great. This one was topped by cheese. You could leave that off or use vegan cheese. The “meat” is beans.

Mooswood Chilaquile Casserole

Mooswood Chilaquile Casserole


4 thoughts on “Being an occasionarian

    1. Nia Simone Post author

      Ha ha! I understand!! My hubby was that way but has had a health issue that veg helps with so all of a sudden I’ve been turned loose in the kitchen. (I prefer to cook veg, for some reason.)



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