Good morning busy bees

I haven’t posted in a few days. I was lacking motivation, but this morning I went out with the camera. Here is a compound photo, created using my favorite aspects of three photos and three software applications. SONY DSC

I was up and out early enough to catch wild bees at work.

I have a visual image in my mind I want to create. I wanted to do it with a tulip, but I have noticed in looking through my photographs of tulips, that tulips grow straight up. In fact, it seems like almost all flowers aggressively seek the sun with an unequivocal upward open thrust. This was a thought-provoking and enlightening realization, however, I wanted a lazy floppy flower. This morning to my surprise, I found one right outside my door. Oleander!


For some reason, it had to face to the left. No problem. I took the picture as it was, then flipped it. This approximates, somewhat, what I had in my mind.



3 thoughts on “Good morning busy bees

    1. Nia Simone and Ántonia Moran Post author

      Thank you, Laurie! I appreciate you coming by! I had fun with the bee all right. The bee wasn’t too exciting in the original photograph because the background was bark mulch. So I just cut him out and plopped him in the flower picture. 😉



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