More impressions of Saint Petersburg, Russia

Here are a few more shots for you to give you a feel for this interesting city.

St-Petersburg-Russia-10 St-Petersburg-Russia-8 St-Petersburg-Russia-7 St-Petersburg-Russia-6 St-Petersburg-Russia-5 St-Petersburg-Russia-4 St-Petersburg-Russia-3 St-Petersburg-Russia-2 St-Petersburg-Russia-1


7 thoughts on “More impressions of Saint Petersburg, Russia

    1. Nia Simone and Ántonia Moran Post author

      Thank you, Fabio!!

      Now we are in Moscow, but haven’t ventured out of the hotel yet. We did see fireworks over Red Square from our room last night, though. 🙂

      I have read two editions of The Moscow Times, a paper in English distributed for free to the hotels and other places. It is very interesting and balanced. I have learned a lot and haven’t even been outside yet.

      Have a good evening.




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