Confections and confessions

Travel was sometimes a feast! For my camera, at least…I never had room after the main course. Well…almost never. I did eat a chocolate cupcake in Hong Kong, but I didn’t take a picture!

Hopefully this will inspire you to make dessert. Today I am going to make two apple pies from the amazing harvest that awaited us upon our return from worldwide travel.


St. Regis Bali




St. Regis Bali


Hotel Icon, Kowloon


Four Seasons Beijing

Confections-29 Confections-27 Confections-26 Confections-25 Confections-24 Confections-22 Confections-21 Confections-20 Confections-19  Confections-17 Confections-16 Confections-15 Confections-14  Confections-12 Confections-10 Confections-9  Confections-7 Confections-6  Confections-4  Confections-2




7 thoughts on “Confections and confessions

    1. Nia Simone and Ántonia Moran Post author

      Hi Gwennie,

      🙂 These were from 3 nice hotels. And yes, one of them was in paradise…Bali! But the most beautiful ones, the feature photo of the Popsicle shaped one and the long rows of truffles at the end of the post are from the hotel in Beijing. The egg shells were at the hotel in Hong Kong.

      Thanks for coming by!




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