Guest Post: What is Romance?

I thought you all might like to see this blog post for my first book signing. These are really interesting authors and we’re talking about romance for Valentine’s Day.

Village House of Books

What is Romance? And How to Choose a Book for Valentine’s Day.

by Nicci Carrera, Adina Senft, and Jasmine Haynes

Nicci Carrera:LoveCatersAll_w8998_750 Hello, Village House of Books blog readers. I am writing most of this post and inviting my co-book-signers to chip in, so please bear with my long-windedness. This is a topic near and dear to my heart! So I will talk first and then ask one question each of the amazing Adina Senft and Jasmine Haynes.

I am thrilled to be doing my first ever book-signing of my debut spicy romantic comedy at Village House of Books with two remarkable authors whose work I adore on Valentine’s Day, 2015 (3 – 5 p.m.).

If you have not tried reading modern romance novels, I encourage you to try them. Romance is a very broad category. You can find anything you want in the genre, and there is…

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: What is Romance?

  1. robenagrant

    A lovely post. Sounds like this will be a great event, and I wish I lived closer. I haven’t read the other authors, but I must say that I adored your book, Love Caters All.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nicci Post author

      Thank you, Robena! I’m so glad you liked Love Caters All. And we might yet do a signing together. I’m working on the Southern California one now.



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