A walk in La Jolla California

I’m answering the Wild Rider Fitness Challenge issued by Susie Lindau! http://susielindau.com/2015/06/08/join-the-wild-rider-fitness-challenge/

Here are some photos I took on our walk in La Jolla. First, the evidence that I was actually outside, a key part of the challenge.

Nicci on a walk in La Jolla

Nicci on a walk in La Jolla

Look at that pale writer’s face!

My husband posed for a shot on the beach where we walked for a while.

Walking on the beach

Later we walked around the neighborhoods of La Jolla and Bird Rock. Some houses are grand, and some are quaint. I dreamed of living on this street:

Belvedere Street

Belvedere Street

And here is the end of our walk.

Night walk

Just kidding! We did go for several walks a day, though, because it was easier than getting in the car to go do errands.


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