Sparks Nevada

Sparks is very pretty, and a lot of people have figured that out. As the city quickly grew, developers factored in bike lanes, large sidewalks, and shopping, making it very livable. With modern homes and gorgeous views, it’s a popular place for families and retirees alike. I always enjoy my visits there and find it hard not to snap photos. Here are a few from my last visit.



22 thoughts on “Sparks Nevada

    1. Nicci Post author

      Yes it’s great! So far so good on the incomes, and jobs are expected to grow a lot because the Tesla Gigafactory) a huge battery factory for electric cars) is going in nearby.

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      1. townsvilleblog

        Yes Nicci I’ve followed the Tesla story for a couple of years now, hopefully it will really take off in the next few years, of course I’ll never have the money to buy one but they are great for CC.

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    1. Nicci Post author

      Part of the beauty of high desert is the very long vista, huge skies. And when you get those clouds, it’s like being in a painting.



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