A corner of Ashland Oregon

Like I said in Monday’s post, I didn’t have much time to take photos during our short stay in Ashland, but I had noticed this historic hotel and used my few minutes to go there and take shots. The clouds were cooperating on Friday.


I liked it, particularly the way the light looked on it and with the hills in the background. The hills are so pretty around Ashland.



Just like in California, the hills on the western side of town are greener. I loved this house nestled in trees with the mountainside and forest in the background, just across from the Thomas Theater, Cabaret, and Green Square (where they do live music).


Then there was this cabaret, and with the clouds overhead, I thought that looked nice.


That’s it from Ashland. On Monday I’ll show you some Shasta shots I managed through the car window on the way.

Have a great weekend.



3 thoughts on “A corner of Ashland Oregon

    1. Nicci Post author

      Anne, do you know that the link included in your comment leads to someone named Adrienne Lexington, not to your blog? I want to click you it to get easily to your blog, but that link is for someone else!



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