San Gregorio State Beach

I managed to salvage a couple photographs from my unsuccessful attempt to use my new filter. I think one key is not to use filters when shooting into the sunset. I’m going to be learning how to use my new filter in the back yard before I try it in the field again.

These are the two without sun spots. I like the silvery quality of this one. Actually I worked this over in Lightroom and Photoshop so now it’s more gold.


Here’s a little close-up of the fabulous rocks in this area and a little tidepool.


I hope you have a nice weekend and holiday.


4 thoughts on “San Gregorio State Beach

  1. Leanne Cole

    which filter did you get Nicci? Filters can be great, but you do need to know when to use and not use. Still some great shots. I’m waiting until Feb before I go back to the beach, after the summer holidays.

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    1. Nicci Post author

      Thanks Leanne! Zomei. It’s a learning curve but hopefully I can get it to work at the ocean. I have another beach I want to try. Maybe in January. Plus the Yosemite falls in February.

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